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We are delighted to enclose our summary of the key announcements in the Budget 2023 statement, made on Wednesday 15th March.
Following what has been one of the most challenging years for investors, the focus remains on the path of inflation and how sharply economic growth falls during 2023. We look at these key factors, together with other issues which may impact markets this year.
After several months of economic and political uncertainty the new chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, has delivered his autumn statement. With announcements relating to energy bills, Income Tax, the State Pension, tax allowances, and Stamp Duty, there are plenty of ways your finances could be affected in 2023 and beyond. Attached is a breakdown of the budget including highlights and what this means for you.
Financial Viewpoint Autumn Newsletter
Kwasi Kwarteng’s first set piece as Chancellor of the Exchequer was never going to be easy, even before the 0.5% increase in interest rates the day before. The attached newsletter, gives you a comprehensive breakdown of everything released.
Our latest newsletter with a selection of articles you may find of interest
In this edition we report on why the self-employed should be cautious during tax return time, why the supply crisis is affecting new homes, how those accessing their pensions can benefit from guidance – and more.
In this edition we explore the rising popularity of equity release, ways to beat inflation, when interest rates might rise and what you rights are when it comes to bank fraud, and more.
In this edition we cover the latest on mortgage rates, how the Junior ISA is now 10 years old, changes affecting those looking to access their pension fund at 55 – and more.
In this edition, we look at the impact of the end of the furlough support scheme, what a rise in interest rates could do for people’s savings, how much annual income you’re likely to need for a comfortable retirement – and much more.
The the first edition of Talking Points, we look at the rising cost of transferring your pension, why you could think about locking in a low mortgage rate deal, the effects of the rise of energy bills - and more.
A variety of articles we hope you find interesting.
We’d like to wish you a happy new year and, despite the reintroduction of tighter restrictions, we hope you and your close ones are staying safe.
Our latest investor update for your information.
We look at the latest news and evaluate what these developments mean for you and your investments.
Our latest Viewpoint newsletter for your information.
As we enjoy the final month of what has been an extraordinary year, we hope you are looking forward to a slightly different festive season and you and your close ones are staying safe.
Across various measures of value, the UK stock market looks inexpensive. With the stage set for an economic recovery, there are lots of attractive investment opportunities for active stock pickers.
A more certain outlook. What a difference a week makes. The US election result and successful vaccine trials mean we can at last look ahead with more certainty. We explore what it means for the investment environment.
With the forthcoming US election looming, investors and policymakers alike will be paying close attention over the ramifications of a victory for either the Republicans or the Democrats. In the lead up, what we have seen is strong rhetoric from the respective parties and ‘promises’ of further tax cuts and deregulation measures versus the implementation of tighter regulatory standards and higher taxes for corporations
Little did we know, as we entered a new decade, what was in store for the global economy in 2020. Our latest newsletter covers the story so far as well as articles on tax, investments and protection.
The UK’s newspapers have recently been filled with headlines flagging the economy’s decent into recession. Recession – in which a country’s economic output falls – are typically associated with rising unemployment, business closures and a decline in longterm investment. In short, economic recessions have few – if any – redeeming features. To be clear, the UK is not alone in this: the US, Europe, Japan, and even China’s mighty economic growth engine have all contracted in recent months.
US shares have led the markets following the correction that started in February and continued into March. Here, Omnis’ Chief Investment Officer, Toni Meadows, explains some of the reasons behind this.
First of all, as the UK and many countries around the world tentatively ease their lockdowns, we hope that you and your family are continuing to stay well and benefiting from the initial steps to get back to normal.
UK-based in UK-based investments have generally underperformed their overseas equivalents in recent months. This leaves them unloved, potentially undervalued and in need of good news. In his article Toni Meadows, Chief Investment Officer at Omnis Investments examines the two main reasons for the UK’s poor performance and whether they deserve to be included in a global portfolio.
The coronavirus has had a deadly human impact and the methods used to combat its spread have devastated the global economy in 2020. Stock markets reacted by dropping at the sharpest rate on record but have then enjoyed a rapid recovery. Yet at the same time the economic news has been dire.
The emergence of the coronavirus at the start of the year and its subsequent spread around the world caused significant alarm, both in terms of the potential human cost and the impact on the global economy from the measures required to contain it. Stock markets reacted by dropping at the sharpest rate on record. We hope you find the latest update of interest.
Our latest newsletter with a selection of articles we hope you find of interest.
Daily Investor Market Update 7th May 2020
Market update for the week up to 24th April 2020
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